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He Has Overcome. John 16;33

Hi. I'm ely and I like Metal bands. Jesus Christ: My Saviour, My All.

Que tengan buen día, amores.

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It is prideful to think you don’t need God. It is also prideful to think your current state is so hopeless that He wouldn’t dare extend himself “that far.” God beckons you, present tense, to come as you are, because you are neither beyond reach nor need.
jesusisamazinggrace asked: Is it possible to believe in Jesus but not be born again?



"You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder" - James 2:19

Based on this verse, I would tell you that it is entirely possible to believe IN Jesus and not be born again. Even the demons and satan himself believe! However, it is a completely different story to ask Him into your life as your personal Lord and Savior. If you believe God is who He says He is, great…but you totally miss the point because believing in God is not enough to save you. There is a God who loves you and has a plan for your life and wants you to love and seek and find and serve and befriend Him! It would be tragic to completely miss the grace of God by believing in Him without accepting it. I would encourage you to pray and ask God to show you Himself in a real and powerful way. He will, I promise!

I was just in my room when my little sister comes in and asks me “how is water made?” And to tell the truth, until then I never thought of it. I never thought that man doesn’t have the power to make something so simple, at least not in the way God did it once. And in that moment I thought “whoa, God is so awesome.”


this movie was a masterpiece 

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